I brought in 2014 in the Magic Kingdom. The park had gone into “Level 3 Shutdown” according to some woman in a line that i overheard and just assumed to be correct (she had a child-she obviously knows things). We picked our place for firework viewing (unfortunately) behind the castle. (Side note: around 9:30 PM every non english-speaking human in the park decided to sit down criss-cross-applesauce on Main Street, all U.S. citizens apparently were directed elsewhere…hence our less than desirable view for Celebrate the Magic*apologies this is a post for the Disney world mom blog I hope to run whenever I’m a mom or when I lose the will to fight the desire to run a disney world mom blog, whichever comes first.
Back on track:
Magic Kingdom has 360° fireworks overhead to welcome the New Year. The beauty of Fireworks makes me emotional anyway, but the New Year brought lots of things. I think this mixed with the fatigue that naturally comes after being Lizzy Basden in Disney World for a day and the thoughts coursing through my brain of things to come made me weep. I tried to hide and choke down the tears but it did no good. I knew many changes and decisions were on the horizon: several happy, some sad. 2014 was full of moments that I hope to hold on forever.

Here’s a month by month list of those moments:

1. The excitement shared with my mom about the adorable AND free Christmas cookies given away immediately after the New Years fireworks show.
2. Meeting Sarah Stanley as a new Questie.(she has no clue how much she impacted me as a chaplain and as a human being-you amaze me Sarah!)
3. Solidifying my friendship with Amanda Larson through lots of tears and talks about work ethic and pickup trucks.
4. The “drink away the sorrows or toast to the future & being single” bottle of sparkling grape juice from Monica Carpenter and Sara White. (This ministered to me in a tough time in a way I can’t describe to either of you. Thank you.)
5. That time I felt like a woman because I taught myself how to arm-knit (the most flimsy, unappealing) infinity scarves.
6. Convincing Sara White she should be in statistics with me.
7. The quest lizard.

1. Lasting a solid 2 hours as Sara White’s secret quest valentine.


2. Solidifying my friendship with Sara White in the back row of Professor Farnsworth’s Spanish 102.
3. Going to the homecoming after party with Monica Carpenter (only after we agreed that we wanted to stay for 30 minutes max contingent on quality of food.)


4. Lacy Merritt belongs in this post several times for being a super supportive friend.
5. The groundbreaking of the new children’s building at M1A. This was also Amanda Larson’s first visit to Muskogee.


6. The Full Quago Valentine’s Day surprise. (That kind of ended in a less than eggcelent fashion. Still, I loved seeing the brother wing making my Questies and our sister wing feel special. I also loved the egg puns Monica and I came up with for the next #twapel)

1. Secret family road trip to six flags for Bekah’s 12th birthday. (Tried to convince her we were going to Mexico)
2. Returning to my fake roots as a blonde.
3. An incident I will simply refer to as Kirk. (Sara White)
4. Trolling my mom and many of her facebook friends to believe I had adopted a puppy while she was in Ireland on spring break.
5. I wish I could think of specific TA office memories but nevertheless working for Professor Mayton and with my fellow TAs was great fun. I’m sure sometime in March Brent said some kind of farm-related quip and the entire office responded with a resounding and almighty “No, Brent.”

1. Quest Banquet. I had the honor of sitting with Monica and Tyler (soon they’ll both be Winn). It was an awesome time of reflection. I was so blessed to be their chaplain. I’ll hold those months and all of those girls dear to my heart forever. I’m so glad I didn’t ask a date because I turned into a hot mess after we gave out awards because I got so sentimental. (Also it fell on the 3rd anniversary of my dad’s death). Hayley Young (the best sister wing chappy and one of the most compassionate people I know) was an awesome support to me that night. I loved it-emotional meltdown included.


2. Chaplain banquet.
The Lower Claudius dorm group saved my life. I’m sure of it. Kristine Elmore is a saint for taking me on as my head chaplain. These women listen and lead and pray like I’m sure a lot of people have never heard a group of college girls pray before. (I pity those people.)
What I loved most about chaplain banquet was that despite the TOUGH years so many of us had on our floors we laughed. We were definitely inappropriate (sorry Kristine). I learned *some* people are really really good at  games at really really bad times.
Thanks for the memories, LC!


3. Last quest hall meeting.


I remember Monica coming to me saying she had something special planned. I had no idea what or where. We roasted marshmallows in the eternal flame** and dodged security.

**we did not roast them in the actual eternal flame. Monica had nice little things that she set on fire and Christie Sleiman put the flames out like a boss.

May (by far the most uneventful month as finals)
1. Finishing my sophomore year at ORU.
2. Promptly realizing that Muskogee is not fun.
3. Working with some of the best girls I’ve ever had the privilege of working with at Justice! (Working retail in Muskogee is something to be experienced mostly if you want to see the worst in people)
4. More realizations that I have become impossibly immune to fun in Muskogee.
5. I finished reading Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey for the 2nd time in May. That book has fostered so much spiritual growth in me and is still inspiring me today.

1. Cue one of my favorite things in the world: Smart School. 8AM 5 days a week is tough. Smart School is worth it to me.
2. Being teamed up with the one and only Sierra Brooklyn Toshali Sue Nutt to lead the yellow team (3rd grade)


3. OAKLEY! He was so cute. So innocent. He had never once pooped on my sweater or chewed up my underwear. He was new. I love him. I liked him.


1. It would be cool if I could say I enjoyed freedom celebration but instead I’ll be honest and say that I really really love fireworks and M1A and whoever played let it go during the fireworks show because I wept and we all know good cries are important.


2. Kids camp coaching with Robin Felegi.
My love for Robin Felegi knows no end. Men can try and compete but it’s too late. My love for kids camp probably has an expiration date but it’s nowhere remotely close to now. We saw our girls draw near to God and we saw them watch a middle aged white preacher rap about the Lord (both experiences are important in the life of a young Christian)


3. Probably the most spontaneous beach vacation our family has ever made. (NOTE: THE ONLY BEACH VACATION)
We planned our vacation 10 days ahead of time. Managed to score a beachfront **(beach across the street) condo in Gulf Shores. The 24 hours of drive-time round trip was worth it.


4. Surf styles surf styles (as style as style)
5. my family taking a dolphin cruise despite my boat anxiety.
6. The phone call from Sara White telling me she would be the chaplain on Susie 8!!!
7. Robin and I laying in our bunk beds waiting for the camper we were told would sleepwalk to get out of her bed like we were waiting for the zombie apocalypse. (If you giggle uncomfortably and uncontrollably while you await the zombie apocalypse) 8. Knowing exactly who I could call when things got rocky and I was scared. Sara White is the realest.

These are turning less into moments and more into longer periods of time. Those of you who do the college and move home thing know that it’s all a blur that you feel like you’re stuck in for a few months. Sorry. Refocusing.


2. Bbuuuuut I just remembered that I hadn’t spent the night alone in the past 3 months and my new room was big and scary for a bit.

3. Spending training with the Susie dorm group.
4. Commissioning with the Susie dorm group. I didn’t get to experience normal commissioning last year as I missed training but WOW. what a powerful time. God moved and encouraged me in new ways. I’m thankful for that blessed moment we spent in a tiny little prayer room.
5. The moment that Jessica Smithwick, Kayla Campbell and I knew we could do floor leadership together. (It involves poop)
6. Meeting the girls on my floor! I know I had to have freaked Christy Kaneta out because she looked so familiar.

August was full, man. I love my school. I love my floor. I love my dorm group. Dang.


1. Hanging out in downtown Tulsa with Sara White and Luke Kulp.
2. That one time Sara White and I freaked Mrs. Wilson out and asked for a picture with her.
3. Watching Anna Cevallos, Megan, and Lauren Miller try to prank our brother dorm group @ chaplain retreat.
4. Eating steak with our fingers outside somewhere in Eufaula @ chaplain retreat.
5. Several good moments at chaplain retreat.
6. Going to my first drive-in movie for my 20th birthday (s/o to Sara White, Laura, Victoria, and Mandits for making this possible).
7. Buying my ticket to Magic Kingdom for myself for my 20th birthday.
8. That one time our floor dressed as One Direction, complete with fangirls and security guards, for all Towers hall meeting.




(Sorry for the underlines I can’t get it to stop!)

October (this is the big one, Elizabeth)
1. In early October taco bell released the Strawberry Starburst freeze. I got to go try it with two of my favorite people in the world (rob, and “wisconsin”)
2. The 21 hour moment spent in Malibu Barbie with Hayley Young, Kylie Lemay, Sara White, and Jolene (Jolene Jolene Jolene) Rhimes all the way to ORLANDO, FLORIDA.
-Sara White’s “happy” Playlist that can still provoke me to violence
-3 AM Taylor Swift Karaoke (this was before 1989)
-3:10 AM HSM karaoke
-3:13 AM Jonas Brothers Karaoke
-3:20 AM Frozen karaoke
-Hayley’s  lazy river lifeguard troll.
-“wow this is so unexpected I just wasn’t expecting this”
-That first step into Diagon Alley.
-Watching Ebola coverage with Kylie Lemay. (Remember ebola?)
-Hayley meeting Cinderella
-the old woman Sara and I encountered after the rainy day parade
-the realization Sara whites face was being projected in front of us on the HP ride
-Getting engaged to spiderman
-Weeping during celebrate the magic and wishes and crying because they were over
-hi-hoooooooooooo *ditditditdit*(x3)
My traveling companions were what made the trip. You’re the real MVPs.

-The “SPIRIT” episode.


This cultivated an interesting relationship between Colin Eash, Amanda Larson, Taylor Graham and me (i?).
2. Twitter was good in November, tbh
3. Thanksgiving with Amanda and my fam.
4. Amanda beating Daniel Basden at Super Smash Brothers as Duck Hunt.
5. First trip to Teavana
6. ORU Christmas lighting (magical!)
7.  That one time we found the inappropriately stuck together animal crackers in devos. (Devos, my girls=my heart)
8. That one day everyone freaked out about Lucky Charms in saga.
9. The many episodes that came out of the TA office in November.

December (already?)

1. Trolling with my main dits at chaplain Christmas. (I was very very medicated. Behavior was not normal)
2. Getting to dress up as Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation while super medicated (strep, so bad) for a skit for Chaplain Christmas.
4. Bekah being chosen at Olivanders in Universal Studios


5. A moment I will refer to as the “Christmas Eve bathroom incident” twitter followers can find brief reference to this.
6. My mom being totally unsympathetic and laughing uncontrollably at the fact that I had to wear a surgical mask at urgent care whenever I had the flu.
7. Getting a Jesus Feminist shirt from dbasden.
8. Jesus and Christmas and love
9. MEETING NOAH (This is only relevant to my mom and Snapchat friends)
10. Dinner with Robin and our mentor of so many years, Bethany Crow.
11.Several family moments. Countless family moments. Precious blessings.

I’m thankful for this year. I’m thankful for what each moment has meant for my life. I’m thankful for friends that became family. I’m thankful for the friends that have always been there.
I look forward to 2015.
I pray that in 2015 you love and are loved, that you show love and are shown love, and that you are blessed and favored and have a lot of FUN!

Hey! And if you have a moment we shared in 2014 that was sweet or funny or anything in between, share it now! (I’m so sentimental-it will make my day!)
Thanks for reading,
Enjoy 2015

Lizzy Basden


One thought on “Moments

  1. Loved this! I loved the moments that I shared with you this past year, because though to most people they may have been small, they were everything to me.

    The beautiful dream that you told me about the day after my mom died kept me from going insane that day.
    You and your precious family adopting me and loving me on Mother’s Day meant more to me than you will ever know, as well as for Thanksgiving.

    You are so so precious to me. Love you!!

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