Wouldn’t Have Nothin’ If I Didn’t Have You

Several famous cartoon characters/celebrities have their best friend or sidekick. 

None of those compare to the Life and Times of Robin and Lizzy. 


Carl and Ellie Chairs at a New Years Party

Two awkward girls merged paths under the roof of Muskogee First Assembly. This was nurtured by JBQ, KidZone Leadership, The Zone, missions trips, human videos,  two summers of babysitting, and countless sleepovers and “MOM CAN ROBIN COME OVER?! Her mom is making _______ for dinner and she’d rather have what we’re having!” moments to form the most epic friendship of all time. 

ImageI think what makes our friendship so special is that Robin (at the beginning of our friendship) was my foil. Total opposites. I was the tiny, dainty, prissy, girly-girl and she was the athletic, tom-boy type. She wore gym shorts on a daily basis and I did ballet. I was the brains, she was the brawn.

This isn’t entirely the case today, but gosh I love the memory of those two unlikely pre-teens. They grew up pretty awesome.


Though we’re not where we thought we would be in our friendship (sharing a luxury condo in a big city becoming doctors with handsome fiances and teacup puppies) we’re in a pretty good place. During the school year I’m in Tulsa, she’s in Tahlequah and we feel light years away. However this summer we are back in Muskogee, ready to BFF it up! I’d like to kick that off with my best friend’s birthday. 



ImageSo, to my Special Sister (entirely different story), I don’t know how the world has tolerated two decades of someone as wonderful as you. I don’t know how none of our celebrity crushes have picked up someone as beautiful as you. I don’t know why life has dealt us some of the cards we’ve been given. 


I do know that my life would be a whole lot worse without you in it. I do know that God has things in store for you that we can’t even begin to dream of. I know that whatever cards life may decide to deal us next, you’re here and I’m here and as long as we’re a “we” things aren’t so bad. 


Happy Birthday, Robin! 


I’m kicking off this summer with her 20th Birthday. 


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